“24 supreme habits for 2024“ by Robin Sharma

Start your best year ever

24 supreme habits for 2024

Robin Sharma

  1. Rise with the sun and spend at least an hour praying, reading and running. Your days will never be the same!
  2. Go complaint-free for a week. [You’ll feel so much stronger and better].
  3. Stop focusing on the faults of people and, instead, seek to amplify their strengths. Simple idea yet practiced rarely in today’s society.
  4. Walk for an hour every day. Period.
  5. Read for an hour each evening.
  6. Be the most prepared person at every meeting you attend.
  7. Outwork everyone in your industry. Always giving your best effort breeds tremendous self-respect.
  8. Make deep sleep a priority. Bonus tip: the key to a superb morning routine is an excellent pre-sleep ritual (and not much good happens after 9pm so why not go to bed then?).
  9. Finally forgive the people who hurt you, understanding that your hurters have helped you become you.
  10. Do 3 scary things every 3 months in 2024.
  11. Work without your phone until noon each workday.
  12. Turn your phone off every Sunday (for the entire day). Your family deserves the best of you, yes?
  13. Hope for the best yet be absolutely prepared for the worst. Too slow is too late.
  14. Start your mornings focusing on 5 things you’re grateful for. The tone of your day will rise.
  15. Be the best listener in your home.
  16. Be the most enthusiastic student in your field.
  17. Develop impeccable manners.
  18. Go to art galleries often so that the stardust of the masters mesmerizes your consciousness. Leave your phone at home if you really want the benefit of this special habit.
  19. End every creative project better than you started.
  20. Stop being mean to yourself. You’re incredibly special.
  21. Stop comparing your life to other lives. Your journey is perfect for you and there’s rich wisdom in you being exactly where you’re at.
  22. As you produce more success, think even more like a beginner. Winning makes most people sloppy.
  23. Tell your loved ones you love them daily.
  24. Remember that your daily habits predict your lifetime results. So make them great.